Pool Balls

Pool Balls

Super Aramith Pro-Cup League Pools balls (2 inch)Super Aramith Pro-Cup League Pools balls (2 inch)
Premium quality Pro Cup Pool balls – required by many English Pool leagues
Quality phenolic resin balls from world-leading cue sports ball manufacturer Aramith
Very hard wearing with consistent density throughout
Used worldwide in professional and amateur tournaments and leagues
Cue ball is smaller than the other balls – a requirement for many coin-op tables

Aramith have been the leading Snooker and Pool manufacturer for almost half a century. Aramith balls are made from phenolic resin and are a combination of unique craftsmanship and high-technology, providing a consistent superior quality.

Perfectly round and balanced with uniform weight and hardness, Aramith balls are renowned globally as the premier choice for both professionals and amateur players alike. The balls have an exceptionally long product life and guarantee the outstanding performance the player demands.

The Super Aramith Pro set is produced to the most exacting standards and tolerances. Each ball is is individually callilipered to ensure maximum consistency from ball to ball. These balls also have an extra-hard transparent surface that minimises burn spots on both ball and cloth. Resistant to abrasion and wear, they hold their specifications and high luster over a very long period of time. This considerably lengthens the playing life of the balls and the table cloth, resulting in major cost savings.

The Super Aramith Pro is used worldwide in professional and amateur competitions. The balls are available in red and yellow or blue and yellow.

The cue ball in this set features six red dots, allowing you to visualise the intentional and unintentional spin applied to shots.

Includes: 2 inch balls (red & yellow or blue & yellow), a 2 inch striped 8-ball and a 1 & 7/8 inch Pro-Cup cue ball.

Pool Balls

Pool Balls
Pool Balls


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