Billiard Pool Table Construction

Billiard Table Construction

Billiard Pool Table Construction

Top Rail: The shorter rail at the top of the pool table.

Cushion: Cloth-covered bumpers found inside the rails where the balls bounce off of.

Slate: The bed of the pool table and is made up of heavy, finely milled rock.

Diamond: The markings above the rail cushions used as reference points.

Pocket Liner: The hard part of the pockets where balls hit against before rolling down the gulley boot.

Corner Pocket: Holes at the corners of the pool table where the balls fall.

Cloth: The green-coloured baize that covers the table.

Short or Foot Rail: The short rail found at the bottom or foot of the pool table.

Slate Support: The wooden member that supports the slate.

Leg: The foot of the pool table.

Center Beam: The beam that supports the center of the table.

Base Support: The slab of wood at the base of the pool table.

Cross-Support Beam: The beam that faces opposite the center beam.

Billiard Table Construction
Billiard Pool Table Construction

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