Billiard Table Cushion Rail

Billiard Table Cushion Rail

Billiard Table Cushion Rail

Rail Hardwood: Hardwood used for the upper section of the rail.

Rail Softwood: Usually pine or poplar used for the lower section of the rail.

Rubber Cushion: Vulcanized rubber used for making the pool cushion.

Nose: The protruding part of the cushion.

Table Cloth: The green-coloured baize that covers the table.

Rail Apron: A piece of horizontal timber used for support.

Billiard Table Cushion Rail
Billiard Table Cushion Rail

The thickness must be at least 1 inch [2.54 cm], and the playing surface must be capable, either by its own strength or a combination of its strength and that of the table base frame, of maintaining an overall flatness within + .020 inches [.508 mm] lengthwise and + .010 inches [.254 mm] across the width. Further this surface should have an additional deflection not to exceed .030 inches [.762 mm] when loaded with a concentrated static force of 200 pounds [90.7 kg] at its center. All slate joints must be in the same plane within .005 inch [.127 mm] after leveling and shimming. Tournament tables must have a set of slates consisting of three pieces of equal size with wooden frame of at least ¾ inch [1.905 cm] thick lumber attached underneath the slate. The slate sections must be secured to the base frame with countersunk screws or bolts.

K66 Profile: If your table is a non-Brunswick table, it likely takes a K66 profile, measuring 1 1/18” across the cushion top, and 1 3/16” high at the back. This is the cushion used on nearly all Billiards tables, for example.

K55 Profile: If your table is a Brunswick table and was made after 1975, then you likely require a K55 cushion, measuring 1 1/4” across the cushion top, and 1 5/16” high at the back. If your table is an older one, made before 1975, be sure to measure the back side of the cushion (the glue side), to check the size. Older K55 cushions were 1 5/16” at the back, but 1 1/8” on the top side.

Cushions for Brunswick 7 ft. & 8 ft. Tables

If you own an older, 7 or 8 ft Brunswick, your table may have propriety cushion profiles such as the Brunswick Centennial or Contender cushions. The cushion profile is shaped more like a number 7 than a triangle. The U56 profile is a lower cost option which can be found online.


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