Billiard Table Cushion Parts

Table Cushions Being Parts of Billiard Tables

Replacing pool billiard table cushionparts  and rails is easy and simple. All you need are a set of new rails, a staple gun, glue, a sharp knife, and a straight edge! If you’re trying to save some money and hold on to your trusty pool table, you can learn how to replace pool table rails by reading this 5 Part Guide.

How to Replace Pool Table Cushions and Rails

Pool table cushions are supposed to last 20-25 years but as with everything else in life, this is not always the case. Sometimes rails can fail after only 5-10 years of play. Obviously, this all depends on the use and maintenance of your pool table. For those who play occasionally, your pool table will last up to nearly 20 years with no problems. Pool tables used in bars, pubs, and other commercial venues tend to see much higher use, causing cushions to wear our much quicker.

How to Tell if You Need to Replace Pool Table Cushions
You can tell if your pool table cushions need to be replaced because they will not provide as much bounce as they used to when balls come into contact. You will hear a deep “thudding” noise. This indicates a worn-out rail that needs to be replaced with performance rails that will completely change gameplay.

Pool table rails tend to go out around the same time so we advise replacing all six cushions at once. Cheaper low-quality tables use K-66 rubber rails that are usually pink. Performance rails are often amber or tan in color. Although you can’t tell what color your rails are when installed, you can do a quick resiliency test to see if your cushions need to be replaced.

Pool Table Rubber Rail Replacement
Here you can see the different types of rubber used to make pool table cushions.

Roll a ball against the rails of your pool table. The ball should bounce against the side rails 3-4 times before coming to a stop. If it falls short, your pool table cushions need to be replaced.

Pool Table Rail Replacement
Some pool table manufacturers try to keep prices down by opting for cheaper rails. They cut expenses and buyers can’t see them. To learn how to discern quality pool tables, you should read The Pool Table Buyers Guide. Some players have noted issues with brands like American Heritage and Artisan. All things aside, pool table cushions need to be replaced at some point in time if you want to maintain your well-oiled machine.

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In order to replace worn-out pool table rails, you will need to remove the feather stick, remove the felt cloth, remove stapes, and use a scraper to dislodge any excess glue. Installing new rails involves gluing on new rubber rails, cutting the rail to length, attaching rubber ends, and stapling new cloth over the rail.

Table Cushions being parts of Billiard Tables

Table Cushions Being Parts of Billiard Tables
Table Cushions Being Parts of Billiard Tables


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