Billiard Tables

Billiard Table

How to Choose the Right One
best-pool-tables Every pool table is a little different, which is why you need to look over our list of the things to look for in a pool table to make sure you bring home the best one.

Commercial Design vs. Home Design
A commercial pool table will usually have a locking system that locks the balls and a panel on the front that requires you put in some money to play. Home designs lack those features and are better for those who just want to play. Furniture models are usually a little smaller too.

Combo Models
If you want to save as much space as possible, look for a combo model. Some models function as both a kitchen or dining room table and a pool table. Other models come with built-in features that let you play other games like table hockey and poker.

Dimensions are especially important for those who have limited space. Commercial models are usually around nine-feet long and give you a larger playing area. Models designed for home use can range between seven-feet and eight-feet long, though some tables are even smaller.

Slate Tables
While you may find some inexpensive models that come with felt laid directly on top of wood or medal, you generally want a table that has slate underneath the surface. This creates a smoother and more level surface that makes balls roll and move faster. The top tables come with at least one piece of slate under the felt.

Felt Color
Most pool tables come with a layer of felt on top in a rich and brilliant shade of green. If you want something a little different for your home, you can look for tables with felt in shades of blue, red and even purple. Some manufacturers also make tables with professional and college sports team logos in the center of the felt.

Felt Strength
Repairing the felt on a pool table can be expensive, which is why you should look for tables that have a durable layer of felt on top. The thicker the felt is, the longer it will last. You should also look at any materials mixed with the felt to ensure the thicker felts won’t interfere with where your ball goes.

Top Rails
The top rails are the rails that wrap around the top of the table and keep your balls from jumping over the side. Some tables come with rails made from two pieces that will last longer than other rails will. While laminated rails are less expensive, these rails usually do not offer the support that you need.

Leg Design
Looking at the overall design of the table’s legs will give you a good idea of how much those legs will actually support the table. Thinner and more ornate legs might look great but usually do not do a very good job of supporting both the table and the weight of anyone leaning or sitting on it. For homes with a lot of action, shorter and more squat legs are usually better.

Billiard Tables

Billiard Table
Billiard Table


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